Spent nine hours and thirtyfour minutes in bed. Had a good night. Remember two dreams.

A cousin of mine kept on coming here to visit my dad but everytime he would leave because he thought he was not there since his car was not here (he would came in the driveway then back up and leave). I do not remember if I mentioned it to my mom or not but she heard him the last time and tried to tell him to come in but he again left.

It was auditions for one of those music reality shows. The auditions were held in a house where you were told where to go, how long to wait there and then to go on stage but the stage was a real stage and it was set like these shows are set. The main person who was auditioning that I was either myself or following was a woman who was a ballerina and a singer at the same time. Before coming in they told us it was our room (technically no but that room was small and not luxurious so that was probably a shot at these people for not having reached their dreams yet) and there was a dog there and we were told to pet him first but it was said almost as a joke. The woman came in the stage and first they did not really believe she was a ballerina so she showed them and they were impressed but did not think dancing that dance and singing would work and she did it, she was not an excellent singer but an excellent dancer so they did not know what to do.