I remember one dream.

I had won a ticket for a charity show that had many celebrities. I entered a salon with a new black dress to take an appointment for that day. I waited until the woman who was asking for makeup advice was done to say that I needed someone to arrange my hair and makeup for a special event and after showing them the dress which they all found gorgeous I told them the time it would start so they would need to finish enough in advance for me to arrive in time (those last words were also said by the man taking my appointment). I also said that there would be Michael Fassbender there and they all were excited because they thought I had an extra ticket so I told them that I only had one. They not only finished on time but I looked gorgeous. I arrived there by limousine on time. I was very nervous being in that crowd and I absolutely freaked out when I saw Fassy but I was trying to act normal in front of him, he was being so nice with me.