I remember one dream.

I remember only the end (maybe it was just that too but im not sure). Me or someone else was playing Golf with two other people, the field had high grass and flowers too. The person or me had trouble playing it and just when he/she/I tried to swing with the back turned that person or I said do not laugh at me. That person soon after realised there was a Wasp near him/her/myself so that person tried to hit it to make it go away and when that person thought it was done one or both of the others said there was a Wasp near that person. That person turned around until that person saw the Wasp but by then that Wasp was being more aggressive then there were at least one more. The others were trying to help, the person was starting to freak out and when that person or myself saw a huge Bee he/she/I started to really freak out and I woke up jumping a little.