I remember two dreams.

I only remember three things from that dream. First that it was like an action movie with a lot of running and especially hiding. At one point there was a woman who either looked like Zoe Zaldana or she looked like her and she had to go somewhere with something important and she succeeded but she was shot and bleeding a lot, a man who was either Ryan Reynolds or who looked like him was waiting there or he arrived there after her. I also remember a woman that was maybe me but she was not looking like me who was in public with a lot of people, she was in line and she had on her something very important and they were looking for her.

The doctor I had while living in Ste-Florence (she technically is still my doctor) gave me a job in the Amqui hospital. This was I think my first day. I was doing my best to keep up. They sent me to her office with two things. First they wanted me to ask what to do with me (she said that i would start at 7:00 and stop at 20:00 - she looked at me like she knew that i had a show at 20:00 - i said ok after a while thinking that i could not really watch it at the western time since i had to again get up early) and second I do not remember the question I asked her but like the first question I showed her a paper or documents.