Spent less than six hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember one dream.

My mom was driving me crazy by killing herself while doing things that were unecessary. I tried to stop her and show her it was okay and that she did not need to do any of these things but she did not want to. I asked for both my parents to be in the same place so I could talk to them them I offered them money to go to a vacation, I told them that if they did not accept I had to move out. They immediately did not accept so I started the steps in order to move out. When I was about done my dad said something to me which I do not remember then after I answered back or did not at all he left not caring at all. I went to see my mom who was just doing the same thing as before I talked to my parents and I told her they would never see me again. When I saw no reaction except for still doing what she was doing I lost it then proceeded to tell her how they had screwed me up then with again no reaction except for not caring at all I started to beat her up which she actually seemed to enjoy.