I remember one dream.

I was listening to my old cassettes, for some reason when I was about to listen to my Guns N' Roses cassettes some people wanted to kill me, I was trying to ignore it and take my time listening to it. Then someone made a joke about an air mattress being in love with a sharp object then took a fork and made an hole in my air mattress. I told my mom that I had to go get a new one and she freaked out (my brother was there for all that part of the dream), she said that she had planned an whole day and that did not fit. I said that I may be back when she would be back and took out a few tiny pieces of paper, she added one on top of the pile which was supposed to be my times to go and then to come back. I said that taking the bus to the Promenades Saint-Bruno took time eventhough that shopping mall was near and that maybe two hours would be for waiting. There was a message from me in there that if time was so important for her today is that she would have to drop me off or come get me or do both.