I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that I was trying to do a beauty routine.

All I remember is my mom pushing my buttons.

I was shopping with my parents. We were at Target. We had a list and we found things that we needed or could need that was not a lot of money. Most of the things I got mom got too. We found a Cartier watch that was less than 40$ or 30$, it had many bracelets, even I that do not like watched wanted it. Mom had found something she wanted. We paid and while dad was driving out of the parking lot he said okay we are going back home and I said no we can't we haven't bought everything, we had forgotten the watch and the things mom wanted (it was a bunch of empty bottles). We ended up in another Target, that one had some parts closed, we got one watch each but mom did not want the group of bottles anymore but I found it for her anyway because I knew she really wanted it and that it would be useful for her.