I remember four dreams.

We moved again (or it was right after the Ste-Florence fire and we moved elsewhere in that dream). It was a big house in a big city. We were not even completely installed and my new wardrobe was not even completed that I realised that a fire was in a house that was close to ours, I screamed to my parents and we knew that a few minutes later or seconds that fire would be in our house. I decided to just save my four musketeers and to just again start from the start with the rest after that fire was done. I exited the house before them because they saved the more they could, I screamed at them to get out before the fire was all over the house and they did.

The woman who played Sami in Days Or Our Lives was now a director. The movie had a scene where water was entering a high building and she was explaining to her actors what to do while the water was being put there and when she screamed action it came from everywhere and the actors started acting.

There were giant Anacondas and years ago they had went to a city to have kids and they decided to do that in another city that was surrounded by water and beautiful apartments. Everyone of course left that city but I saw that the apartments were offered for a very low rent and I decided to go there. I figured that if I made sure it was secure and that I would not bother them and excite them with food left out and things like that that they would not attack me since they were there to have kids. I also made sure to always be with my four musketeers in case I had to hurry up and leave or just run for my life.

I was figuring how to write my dreams here so I was saying out loud how I would write them before coming here.