I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that there was an assassin in it, a professional assassin.

The actors and actresses of Roseanne were in this. The couple had bought a new and bigger house and had lots of money in the bank. They were also living with more than their kids (the wifes sister was there + the boyfriends of the daughters + i think the mother of the wife + maybe some other people). When they received the mortgage bill the dad decided that since that amount was in the bank to go pay it in full. When Roseanne heard about that she was angry and he was saying why because they for once had the money to pay their bills in full and she still was angry and thinking that this would put them in debt. He decided that this was enough and left her. The other people were sad and scared about that but Roseanne did not seemed to be, she did not want him to leave but she still was angry about that and thinking they would again end up in debt eventhough he paid with money they had and they still had money aside.

Me and my parents sold this house and moved back to our home in Saint-Hubert. Since I was still living with them and other people too were I took the biggest room (looked around before deciding - in that dream we had some extra bedrooms where the living rooms are) and to arrange everything there so I would only have to get out for the bathroom and food. I asked if I could have it painted how I wanted it and mom said yes that she would do it and I said no and she said that I would make a mess and I said that someone in her condition should not paint that I would just pay someone to do it and she started to argue that it would cost too much so I just cut that argument because I was fed up with it. I ended up in the biggest bedroom upstairs (which was mine when we sold the house) and I was arranging it like I wanted to with a full bedroom set, a television and a computer.