Spent about ten hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember one dream.

For some reason I was in the base of an army and I was given the right to hear about an important plan. We were invaded like in the movie War of the Worlds. Tom Cruise was also there with his children and they were all like the characters of the movie (most of the time his son was not there but he was still there evertime...i could not see him but he was there...we were acting like he was) and they too were there for some reason. When the man in charged was talking about the plan Tommy said something and the man said okay you do it. We all ended up in a war plane and ended up killing one tripod from the skies. Then it was us four trying to get away from them and find a safe place. After many adventures, close calls and hidden places found we were able to get one safe place. It was a cave bellow a tree and we put grass, leaves and things like that in the entrance. A tripod was going to go check it out but another tripod told it that they did not came to Earth to check the vegetation, that tripod knew that there were humans hidden there but still listen to the orders.