Spent ten hours and seven minutes in bed. Had a good night. Remember one dream.

It started with me wondering which face cream I was going to finally go with, I was going to finally finish the ones I had that were taken out of the market and then go with a new one. I was in a store trying to decide. Then I was in the subway and I saw that an old man was about to get bullied so I went there to stop it. One of these bullies showed me a knife or/and I was the one who showed a knife or/and we both had a knife, either way I showed I was not scared at all. They said they would leave him alone but I made sure to stay close to check if it was true. I called the cops and luckily two were close so I went to the elevators (it was still a subway where i was...where we wait for it) but everytime it would open the cops would not be there, I called again and was told that they would be in the next one and it was not true.