I remember two dreams (1 came back to me during breakfast so it would of never been written here but the second i remember less of it since this website was not working when i came here before my breakfast).

I asked my new aesthetician if they also had treatments for elbows and she said yes so I took an appointment for a facial and paraffin treatments for my feet, hands and elbows. I told her since I would be there for a facial why not continue with the pampering.

I had a daughter (i did not look like myself in that dream but it was me) and we were vacationing in many places. But they were monitoring me and at least what my daughter had to eat was looked at carefully. During a walk we were eating a snack (pretzels) and then we went kayaking, the people monitoring us contacting us (cannot remember how but not in person) that she had to take a snack and I said we just had one. Then we were in a big house then visiting a house on a big property that was for sell, it had a pre-fabricated house on it that was for rent, I said that I loved these houses and that if that property was not for sell that I would rent it but I could not risk it (by then i think i had no daughter). Then I was walking on a path of rocks (or mostly rocks) and I saw a bunch of men in the water, I stopped and looked saying how interesting! It was turning like a gay porn and that made me more interested. I ended up almost in that group and I was supposed to do something like it was my job but while they were starting to look at me I was told I had a phone call, that made me happy to get out of that situation. The start of the call made me do fists bumps because it was informations (that i was writing down) that I was waiting on but then the man's voice on the other side of the phone started to change and I woke up from this because the voice was scary and telling me something that had nothing to do with the start of the call.