Hi Elleise!

It is rare that someone know that I exist, when it does happen it is usually to make fun of me or to take advantage of me. So you saying that made me happy.

And thank you for the interpretations.

I have been in the middle trying to figure out what to do with my life for many years now. I had finally decided (finish high school then take a big vacation then find a job and move out) but my dad came back home one day before I was able to do that (not long after i had made my mind up) and announced that he had quit his job (i was working for him) so very fast they sold the house and I had to make a choice and the one I made was the wrong one (moving with them). I'm lucky that Michaeal Schumacher came back for three years because I think I may of end up killing myself, he soften the blow so to speak so it was less hard than it would of been.

I know that I can do more in life but I do not trust myself, the rare times I do I just give up. I'm giving myself a few more days or weeks of being lazy then I'll try again, at the least I will start by getting up at a normal time and eating at normal times too. I cannot advance and have positive things happen to me if I do not at least try.

Again thank you Elleise!