Spent nine hours and twentyeight minutes in bed. Had a good night. Remember two dreams.

My parents came back from the grocery store (we were living in our old house) and my mom had gotten me a bunch of halloween candy. Two bags though were not candy, I did not even know what these things were but it had halloween themes on the bags. I told my mom they should take it back for a refund but she said it was okay, I asked how it cost and she did not know. She opened the two bags and I read the bags. The first were balls of wax (for hair removal) and the second were things that you had t put water on then strech then it became some kind of pain, it had different colors in the bag, the one we tried we could not make it out and after reading the chart we realised it was pink. Then I ended up in my old aesthetician office to get my waxing done but eventhough I was in that place the aesthetician who did it is my new one.

I was again in my old house. I had another room for a bedroom. I had closed the door to have some peace but my mom came in without warning so when she left I locked it.