I was in a big beautiful basement. I dreamed that my window was open. When I went to close I had to shut down two screens and close the window, but they were in reverse order.

An invisible force kept trying to take my covers from me, which frightened me. My friend Bridgette appeared and Carla from Cheers. Bridgette asked for my last Crybaby piece of gum. I nodded. She chewed it and spit it out on the floor. It was yellow going in but blue coming out.

Carla asked if we could go party at my place. I told her this was my place. She shrugged. Three little girls appeared about 5 years old. They laughed and played. The blonde one turned a tv on but I don't know what she was watching.

I wanted to get dressed but the only clothes I found were little girls things with the tags still on. I stayed in my pajamas. We all ended up upstairs. I had to try to keep the kids out of the silverware drawer. My dad appeared. We all had a group hug. The little blonde girl started calling me mom and clinging to me.