I had 3 dreams. Like LoOOoong...Gone With the Wind type dreams. They just kept going and going and added the pleasant effects of sensory perception like touch, scent, emotional and physical exhaustion. A lovely night at the opera wink

They seemed to overlap in a way like stacking or photo-shopping a picture, frame on top of frame. An observer, say like you have 3 or 4 windows up on your comp, you could look into each frame for whatever information you were looking for.

The first had to do w/food supply. I was in a lab being shown something called a "Food-Pod?" The people were in white lab coats and working on these round layered disks or balls with different colors. They were also working on singular items. The 3 I was shown were, Carotts, Beets and a layered pod. The Carrot was in a petri dish. When you looked at it, it almost looked twisted or braided and the size of a pinky or half of one. When you added water, the braids unfolded making the rings you'd normally see on a real carrot, orange and all.

The Beet was the same, but smaller and purple, but wasn't braided and the layered pod was about the size a little smaller than a half-dollar, layered in color. It was an entire meal once you added a little bit of water. They said they were working on these due to shortages of resources - in the dream I'm like, "You're working on these to work on them, not due to a shortage of anything, but to change the way people do things in the future."

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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