I remember two dreams.

Brigitte was visiting me and before she went back home we wanted to take a big walk something that I had never done while living in Ste-Florence (dont know why we were there - maybe in that dream the fire never happened but our house was not the 1 we had in real life). So we made ourselves a lunch and before going early morning I asked mom a question and her answer was an attitude, I turned to my friend and told her you see, now you see what I have been talking about all this time. Mom then became angry and I said and this is when happens when you tell the truth around my parents, you get anger and before this it's attitude. We went walking, at one point I told here I never went there (it did not look like that town and the surroundings) pointing at the right but since we would of ended up too far away and we only had food for one meal we went left, the plan was to walk in the forest and mountain and come back around. We did that and stopped at Gisele and Toby for a last visit then we finished our walk.

All I remember is that it had to do with our bathroom and a bottle of shampoo and I think other shampoos. I was there and I think mom was too.