I remember one dream.

A woman was at the school of her two children. I do not remember exactly what happened to her but she was standing and not moving at all then moving in weird ways and I think someone or something or people or some things were in front of her. When that happened there was two teenagers that were going at that school behind and started to run towards the other kids saying something that I do not remember about what was going on. Most kids were scared but they soon started to laugh at the youngest that was at the top of stairs, the oldest was at the bottom of the stairs and ran when she heard it was about her mom to see her. The youngest wanted to go see her mom but she was being taunted which was not the first time at that school, at first she was ignoring them but then she exploded on them, verbally at first and then she went to one and was hitting her in the face, everytime she would say something it would be followed by a slap in the face, she was so enraged that everyone was scared of her.