I was at the house I used to live in over 20 years ago. I was out front with a man I knew, but can't remember his name. There were three little girls there. In my dream I could see them even though I was asleep and had my sleep mask on.

He started preaching the gospel. I continued to sleep. At regular intervals he and the kids would get up go to the other side of the van that was in the driveway and stretch, then come back where I was.

When I "woke up" in my dream. I looked at a clock that was on the side of the van. It said 4:25pm. I asked if that was correct. Someone said no, it was 3:25am.

I went to the porch to go inside and ended up with an avenger in a red egg-shaped ship. I convinced him to stop so I could go to the bathroom, but I was really getting claustrophobic. A few girls approached me in the bathroom and said they'd paid there way and were coming with me.

Then I woke up and it was 3:15pm.