I remember two dreams.

I was in a small village in Africa. For some reason Stone Cold was in what seemed to be either a restaurant or bar or both and he had tarentulas on him and he then started to stab himself. I ended up seriously hurt and on a the bed that goes in the ambulance but instead of putting me on the ambulance to then drive me to the hospital they just left me there. Someone I knew was with me and there were also lots of other people on these beds near me but we could not see any movements and they were all under a white sheet. We said to each others that they must be dead but the one closer to me I saw a small movement and I told my friend about it and a while later it really moved so he too could see it (until then he thought i had imagined the movement). It looked like many people were under that sheet but it ended up someone very tall and muscular, he sat up then got up by going on me then down. Then Stone Cold got up and he suddenly did not want the tarentulas on him (until then he was playing with them and talking to them) and he was asking people (sometimes screaming) to get them off him and he also started to bleed from his wounds and he asked for helped too, nobody wanted to help him and eventhough I am a fan I did not felt bad for him because he was the cause of all this (i also could not look a lot since im so afraid of spiders).

I was in a small store that only sold old and used things. I took the time with mom to look everywhere in case something special was there. There were two things of Michael Schumacher (old calendars) but I acted like I had not seen it because it made me feel bad thinking of him then in my mind I was thinking of him when he was with Ferrari but still I acted like nothing was wrong. I finished before mom did and stayed near her while she was finishing which was where the things with Shumi were, I was acting like I was looking at something when she was the biggest calendar and she put it back thinking she would buy it later for me. Then we and the rest of the customers which was Andy Roddick and his wife for the casheer because she had decided she wanted to see the Montreal Canadians play. I told her that it was ridiculous what she had done and for some reason she knew that I am a huge fan of the Dallas Stars so I told her after she said well you never miss any of their games that yes and that I also always made sure to work and do what I was supposed to do around that so that it won't bother anyone. Then I said that I was a WTA player and that thanks to her making me wait (i had found 2 tops that i wanted) that I was late to a practice and that I would be fined at least in the four numbers and she just smiled then I said that maybe I should ask her to pay that fine for me, for that part of the dream I was the only customer in the store and I was not looking like myself.