I remember two dreams.

I was famous and not for a long time. I entered a room where Eminem was. I was freaking out because I am a fan but I did not want to meet him because of his involvement with Rihanna. She got a hold of that and was very happy about it. I ended up meeting her and she had that face where she was so proud with lots of arrogance and I told her that I will destroy her carreer, she laughed and I said watch me.

It was the second world war. Germans had money problems and people were going around in many different places trying to get money. At one point a young woman with fancy clothing was trying to get money from young women, they were hesitant but almost close to saying yes but when they learned that their money would be for Ireland they said no saying because there war was at the worst and they were trying to say oh no war has not reached there. The young woman with beautiful clothes (looked like the dresses from Gone with the Wind) started to talk almost in tongues, she was talking with an accent she did not have before and when she was saying names it was impossible to hear what she was saying. Then it was another place, war or armageddon had started, people were running out of their house in panic, some were naked and all or most had clothes in their hands (i could hear myself say that this is what would happen to me since i sleep naked but that my pajama is near my bed). After a few moments of this when I could sense people were looking for an hiding place I was into a building where after the first explosion started people ran into a bomb shelter. After just a few entered the door was closed. After a while I said oh no did he placed back the food? Everyone looked at me and I remained them that this place was cleaned not too long ago. There were food and supplies but most had not been put back. I or someone else said we have to open the door and one or more were not for this. I looked through the cameras and saw that there were people near but not the door, I said in the microphones to go away and that we would then let them in. That place looked like a bank not an apartment building. A woman when I was speaking was sitting on a counter and get off it screaming no or something like that, there were about the same amount of people there there were in the shelter.