I remember two dreams.

I was invited to meet Michael Schumacher. Him and his family wanted me to keep seeing him so every day I would and day by day he was making progress. He slowly started speaking (at first it was noises) then he was able to move his fingers then grip things with his hands. We even came up with some sort of code for the letters of the alphabet and like that he was able to ask for things (once was for a cd to listen to). His wife was either jealous or/and angry about the situation and she decided to get someone to kill Shumi. A woman was there when she was getting ready to go out to do that and the woman was shocked. She told her that her husband was a vegetable and that she wanted his pain to go away and the woman replied that he was not and that he was making progress to go back to his normal self. Then I either do not remember or I woke up.

My mom came back from where we lived before the fire angry. She had bought white things that she wanted to put above all our windows and the woman where we had our curtains cut did not want to cut these things (looked like the lining we put in drawers but it was smaller [the size of the cords we use to put on gifts] and behind it was with glue). So she came back and said that she would herself do it after the window would be painted but she started to install the white things above the windows before she painted (by the way that house did not look like our new house). I was there following her and looking at what she was doing perplexed. Another woman came in and said that she would be able to cut it.