I remember one dream.

I was waiting for Rafael Nadal to start a match. Dad invited me to run the errand I wanted to run this week and I told him that it would be another day because I was waiting for a Tennis match. He kept insisting it should be today and I kept saying that I could not because Ralfie would play. I don't know if it's because of dad or me but I ended up in a shopping mall, that mall looked small but when I though I was at the end of it I realised it was huge. I went into a few stores (all that time - at least what i remember - i was alone) but I kept thinking of my Tennis match. After looking around and asking if I could just check something for a few seconds on the internet I found a place where I could check if he was coming, when I realised that there were more than one match before his I kept looking around. I decided I wanted earrings with a matching necklace at one point, when I would found some they would not be for my taste. I entered one that had a lot and said that I was searching a gift for a girl and said that I wanted an earring and necklace set. I was still thinking of the coming match.