I remember one dream.

I was part (just a friend but i went everywhere and was part of the team) of the team of a new Formula One driver who looked like Benedict Cumberbatch. He was talented but for his first year and even more people were not expecting anything. During a race he ended up finishing second which shocked everyone. I was walking to the podium or back from it happy but sad too because of Michael Schumacher when someone wanted to interview me, after a few questions I said that I wanted to say something for Shumi and I did and after I walked away which infuriated the woman who interviewed me. I was walking back to our pit area and everyone was ignoring me or acting like I was a nobody. A while after I arrived back the woman, her crew and the bosses of the sport appeared and said that I did not have the right to do what I did. They (the team) all were behind me and the bosses actually accepted that I had cut the interview short and that I did not want to do any more. Then I was in my Saint-Hubert house and I ended up looking through my bedroom's window, it was night and a neighbor in front (the houses were the same but that man was not there when i lived there) was in his backyard and I hid but still looking so he could not see me. At first it was because I did not want to be seen but then it was because something was up with him, at the least strange and at the worst criminal.