I remember three dreams.

I ended up in the car with dad who was driving. He was going to run at least an errand and I needed something too. When we were coming back he asked me if I wanted to be dropped off somewhere and I said no (because 1 we were far from where we lived + i did not need anything else + did not have money to spend + did not felt like it) but he kept on pushing mentioning all the places I could go and I kept on saying no until finally he laughed and said okay.

A couple went out to eat because the woman wanted to but she was not happy when she saw where her husband went. It was a nice restaurant but it was not enough for her. She still did not say anything until they were both seated and the food was ordered. The man said that they could not leave because it would be rude and she was acting like a child about it.

A woman had been accused of trying to kill herself and after thinking about it she thought that going along with it would be less trouble than saying it was not true. She ended up moving away from her boyfriend who left her and all her friends and family who too left her. A jesus freak was living there and she was hating everyone because of her religion. The woman decided it was time to tell the truth and she went with writing a book. She was in her apartment with a friend she made, a man who lived there too. The man thought she would write it on her computer and leave the document on a key but she said no that she wanted it like old school and printed on paper when done, she said it would not be like written on a type writer but at least it would be printed. Then she asked him if he could write what she says and he said okay. She said that the only thing she did not know what to say was in the introduction and she figured that maybe she could mention that so-called suicide in like the middle then it would hook people into reading it or at least be interested. The man did not look to be okay with that or at least think it was a good idea. She went to finish the day (or it was another day) in the area where everyone could go, it was christmas time and there was a tree with lots of decoration anyone could put. That jesus freak was actually nice and the woman talked to her and they were both friendly and even having fun. They learned about a tragedy to one or two people who were a couple, the woman sadden looked at the tree and thought that a good way to honor them would be to put them both on top of the tree so she picked up what must of been the top of their wedding cake because it was figurines of them and she took the jesus decoration the freak had put there and she added the two people. The jesus freaked took it out and the woman said that it was to honor them and the religious nut would not want to hear it. The woman was not shocked that her kindness did not last long.