I remember two dreams.

I was visiting Brigitte (an old friend). She was cleaning her appartmnent (which was my old house) and we were talking about what had happened to us the past years since we last saw each others. Then we got ready to go to a restaurant meet her parents. When we arrived there she told me that after she had to go meet her boyfriend and she apologised for it but I said that it was okay. Only her dad was there but she was supposed to be there in a short while. He went to his daughter first then gave me a hug and kisses on the cheeks. Then we sat down. We all were dressed like rich people because the restaurant was a five stars restaurant.

I was a kidergarden teacher in a very small town. One day in the middle of a school day the principle told me to come, I did because the students just finished something exciting and they were all calm. A woman who was a parent of a kid I had in my class was waiting for me and with an attitude she told me that everyone did not care for the way I was teaching and that I should do it like they wanted to. I told her to go to hell and I went back to my class. Not too long later her and many more people came to my house, I let them all in thinking this was funny because they were all supposed to be scary. The woman told me the same thing and I told them all that I know that I should be scared but I wasn't. They all thought it was funny then I got up and went right in the middle of them all then I said while looking straight at the woman that I was from the secret service and then started to list all my specialties in fighting and things like that. They all laughed then I took a gun and only pointed it at someone and dared anyone to take me out reminding them that I was alone and they were lots of them and that I was placed in a bad position. They all left but told me that they would be back and with a smile I said that I would be waiting. When they came back for me a bunch of college students were passing through with backpacks on and I disguised myself as one of them going out through a secret passage. A student asked me what college I was from and I said Ottawa. I ended up in a movie theatre and I went to the bathroom to change back but the student who had talked to me ended up there too.