Spent less than eight hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember two dreams (the first came back to me after getting up & i barely remember it...the last was cut by my alarm clock).

I was with my best friend, we hadn't seen each others in a long time. Her mother came from almost out of nowhere. At first I was shy about it but then started talking to her like she was my best friend. We were all at a table with food. While the two of us were talking and eating she was just sitting there angry and jealous (mostly me....i was lying a lot so that might be because of that of because i was ignoring her or that her mom was giving her attention to me or 2 things or all of these reasons).

I was watching a new version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Suddendly I was in it nad it was real. I was given the tour of their house and it was explained that anyone that wanted too could come there and pick weapons and try to find Leatherface and kill him. There was a man there all excited that was getting ready during that time, after the explanations were over he was ready and he looked at me then I decided to do it too. When I was ready I started following the man. Then my mom (i did not look like myself and neither was she) appeared and she closed a door behind the man and we were in another room, it was a glass separation from two old people and my mom said that it was time that I learned the truth. I took a few steps towards the old couple (woman who looked like an older version of who i thought was my mom and an old man who looked like Johnny Cash). They were talking, when I was close there were no more glass, I was right behind them. There was a black spider near the door that I was next too, I was scared but could not make a sound or go away because I was right behind them. The man saw the spider (started at the door handle then went on the floor...it was like 1 or 2 feet away from that door) and he tried getting it with his left arm while staying in his chair, the spider got away. The man was mostly the one talking and I could hear the song Hurt (Johnny Cash version) but it was him who was talking like he was singing that song (some of what he said was the lyrics), after failing to get the spider he said to the woman do you know what I would of done to him (referring to the spider), I would of made him work and starved him at the same time (i could see it starving and weak with dark circles under its eyes while he was saying this).