So, I've spoken how my husband and I share our dreams. It's like a game, kind of...

But lately, I've kept my dreams to myself. Both here and to him and for a reason. The dreams I've been having keep me short of breath and I chose or try rather to block them know...the ones that stay w/you all day long?

Anyway, I've kept quiet and he came to me and said (in his robe I got him for Christmas. It's really nice. It kind of makes you look or feel like a monk).

"I was in a reverted stadium. But I was with my school friends/chums; the ones I connected w/the most. I was in charge or there was a door that everyone had to pass through.

My very best friend, the one I could trust the most said he didn't want to go through the door (there was a gap behind my husband).

On the other side, my husband said, "You can't go that way, I'll get in trouble."

The guy slid through anyway!

Well, I had pretty much the same dream but altered just a bit - I mean just a teny-tiny, bit.

We both had schools and I've heard of some people having synchronistical dreams and such, but the words that followed were amazing.

My husband told me (physically) his friend (the one he felt most wise of all his friends) said,

"It's a good thing we had our homes where we did, otherwise our cars would have been flooded and washed out to sea."

What was really weird was it was a stadium full of every type of people!

And, what it was that caught his attention were a couple of people at his worksite that are "questionable characters."

They jumped some type of brick wall.

But, when they landed he said he felt it. It woke him up and felt like an Earth-quake. confused

(I have to ask him when he wakes up. He said either there was a charge or he was in charge, after the door. Because after the door, they moved the entire group somewhere else.)

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