I remember four dreams.

Me and mom was about to enter a shopping mall and she said something that made me angry and I walked faster and while I entered in front of her (there were at least 2-3 people in between us) I turned around while still walking and showed her my right middle finger. She came to me inside the mall and she was angry and what she said was a lack of respect towards my mother and I laughed sarcastically then started to say many things that she had done to me. She kept on following me and I then said that this would be the last time she would see me and she laughed and I said watch and see.

I was walking in a new place and came by a house that was for sell. I knocked and said that I was interested. The man gave me a tour and before that tour was over I said that I would buy it. It would be cash because I had inherited a lot of money, I think the house was less than 500000$. He showed me another house from afar saying that that too was for sell but it looked like it needed some renovations and I told him that I did not want something that needed work to be done.

I was walking in a desert with canyons around. I was with a Dog that was with me since he/she was a puppy. I ended up meeting the Stars and me and Jamie Benn went out on a date without the Dog. When we came back we were wondering about him/her and turns out the Dog was jealous. We had sex anyway.

I watched a movie (was excited about it since Michael Fassbender was in it) that had a deal gone by, it ended up in a shooting and after the people realised it was their boss who had crossed them. They decided to sell the drugs (pills) to his nemesis. Then I was in that gang, I was the one who took the pills and explained to the boss what each pills did. When I arrived to the second or third he decided to try one, I tried to stop him but he did anyway. The pills I had described was one that put you in a deep sleep/coma and one that put you in a vegetative state, all lasted a while until they ran out and you were normal after.