It took me less time to fall asleep and I woke up less times and for not a long time, I had added ten hours to the time I went to bed (and a few minutes...added that 10 hours before i got my bed ready..took less than 1 hour to take my shower and do the rest of my night beauty routine...left those extra minutes there) and then I stayed in bed for a while longer being lazy (i knew i would not fall asleep again + i wont do that anymore soon for probabably a long time). I remember one dream.

I was walking on a path that was just by a river, it was Winter so there was lots of snow everywhere. I found a young boy playing in the snow, he was right in the middle of the path and there was a big backpack near him just outside the path. I looked everywhere and could not find an adult but I figured that since he looked happy, he was wearing the right clothes and that a backpack that was almost bigger than him was close that an adult too was closed. I smiled at him while passing by and he smiled by. When I came back from a long walk he was still there. I asked him where he lived and he said the other side of the river so I asked him to show me. We walked (dont remember what happened to the backpack) and then came up a cheap looking bridge that I did not even know was there. I took him in my arms and I crossed with him, that bridge was also full of spider webs so in addition of being scared of that dangerous bridge (it was not a normal cross...we had to come up and down like it was a test of some also looked like a train bridge) I was scared of coming up to a spider or more. When we arrived on the other side soon after we arrived in an old house (or an old appartment building...cannot remember) and where the boy said he lived were two more children (a baby and a teenager) and eventhough I did not see their parents I knew that only their father was there and that he was a violent no good parent. I looked around a little and looked at the children a few times and then I decided to take them all with me. I remember the father waking up and saying something and that's all I remember (i either woke up or just dont remember).