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Thank you Lori for the meaning of one of my dreams! If you want to do that again please do, I rarely know what my dream means, I know that a lot of them are what I wish would happen to me unless I'm mistaken with that. I am doing a lot of self-study right now. I also want to look at all the old pictures of me and my family (i promised my online friends to send some via emails a while ago...to lazy to look at all the albums AND i have to admit that it makes me more depressed than i am...i was beautiful as a baby and child plus i was kind of [i say kind of because when i think about it i think it was just an illusion...my parents also built a bubble so i was not really in the real world and when i got there they did not help me at all] happy back then).

Ok then, Nancy. I'll try to help. I thought you already knew the meaning of your dreams for some reason.

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