I remember one dream.

I was watching television and saw an infomercial about a woman in Ste-Florence who opened a show store in Amqui, it was talking about everyone being professional in the store and that they always picked one person at a time and after they were trained they could go and find a job somewhere else. Then I ending up a seller in that store (looked like i was there a long time and i was good), I was selling a pair of shoes to someone who needed one for a job interview. Then it was break and I went into diabetic shock, the store owner was driving me to the hospital and we ended up passing through a shopping mall parking lot, when we were waiting Walter from Fringe was in a car and he saw me and realised I was about to die so he went out his car (he looked like he was mad because they had to go somewhere important and no car were moving) and he opened my door and took me in his arms. He walked with me in his arms until he found an hospital and he told the people there he was a doctor and I was about to die, he found a surgery room, put me on the table and locked the door so he could be alone with me. Before putting me to sleep he told me that I would soon wake up cured of diabetes. He did a long experimental surgery (there were lots of people looking in shock and horror through the windows) and I woke up alive and cured.