Nancy, I'm sorry that I'm not on the boards as much as I was before. I actually have resigned from both my sites--again--but for some reason the sites aren't resetting. If anyone is still interested in applying for editorship of the Dreams site, please contact Lisa Shea directly.

In any case, I'm sorry that you seem to have many "bad" nights. Surely, these are a product of your waking life stresses. You're still having to live in an uncomfortable situation with your parents and feel your life progress is stymied. The frustration is building up and vents through your dreams.

It's interesting that your racing car dream (which is rather a common dream scenario) made you fearful. I can understand anxiety or worry but fear is interesting. This indicates that you are very afraid of not being able to win your game of life. You're making progress though.

Just remember that the race isn't over yet in your waking life.

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