I remember three dreams.

I was in our Saint-Hubert's bathroom and I was being slow on purpose because they were waiting to use it (i think my brother was there too).

I wanted to sign petitions and then later send them via email. I started with just a few then when I finished there were a lot but I wanted them to be from a Canadian website and one I thought was not (when i thought about it i could see a paradise - an island with blue water and vegetation from these kinds of places and i think i saw animals too) then when I looked at the link I saw it was from a Canadian petition website.

Me and my parents went to visit a national park. I ended up in a part of it that we had to drive a long road (in the park too) to get there. It was very beautiful and the snow seemed to make it more beautiful. When I saw baby trees I remembered we were looking for one (this happened when living in the other city but we never got 1) so I was trying to find one knowing we could not take it but when I turned around after finding a cute baby tree I saw that they were not there so I walked and when I could see the street I kept looking there to see our car but they never came (though i saw the car once) so I started walking back (i never saw how i got there) not caring about that since I love walking and the weather was beautiful. Suddendly when I started walking many people were there too and most were in front, I was able to finally pass them all except a family that were taking the entire street, I kept trying to find a way to pass but could not. The woman in front was their aesthetician and she's the one who saw them and she invited them to her house that was at the left of that street and they accepted. When they started turning to go there it is when I finally passed them. After the street there was a drugstore and I went in and went straight to the prescription part and this is where they were. I said you guys are still there and they acknowledged me but without looking at me and saying anything plus they looked angry or at least annoyed. They were waiting for medications while filling forms. So I looked around while waiting.