I only remember one dream.

I thought a bad spirit or something like that was following me so I was trying to get away from it. I was in the 1800s. Suddendly I was told that it was not evil what was following me, it was a Shaman (dont know if its spelled that way...i wrote it like it was pronnounced in my dream) who wanted to help me. So I said well if it's good and wants to help then why is it scary and the Shaman appeared, he was riding a Bison. After that I became Brooke from The Bold and the Beautiful and I was in the water (there was an electric tower [the ones in metal we see everywhere] right there and i also think houses were under water too but im not too sure about that) very happy because I had taken Ridge away from Taylor. Someone was talking to me about Taylor being in trouble and I was in the water laughing about it all.