Two dreams came back to me during breakfast.

It was like in the movie The Purge and it was that time of year. A family were together in their house and were immediately picked out by some of the psychopaths. The man was not very scared since he had made his house like a prison that nobody could enter but he told his family to stay together in case some could enter which happened and soon they ended up all alone. The man was trying to find his family. Three teenagers had entered, two males and one female. He ended up meeting one of the male but that one did not really want to be there so he started talking to him like he was a friend then he asked him if he was hungry, he said that he wanted to eat a pop-tart for a few days now and the teenager started to laugh. They went to a fridge where there were some in there, the man wanted one kind and he said oh no I think there's none oh no here they are and he took one then he asked the teenager if he wanted some and he was not sure so the man said come on hey did you try that one and he said no and he gave him one. The teenager liked it and after about half was eaten the man said that now he was thirsty so he walked to another fridge that had drinks in it and when he saw that the teenager had not followed him he started his search again. Soon after he came by the female teenager in the bathroom, she was smiling and cleaning a bowl of metal with holes in it that had blood, the man knew it was his daughter's. The female's goal was to enter that house and torture his daughter, she had put pieces of his daughter in a box that had an address on it. The man cut the teenager so she could not get away, her too cut him but she was bleeding to death and she did not care, she was still proud of having done what she done. The man was acting like he too was bleeding to death so the two others would not go after him and it worked, when he was at the top of the stairs he decided to stop going for his daughter that he knew could still be alive and take his revenge now that he had the others in his sight, he took out a gun and started shooting them one by one in different places, he sometimes was talking to them saying so how does it feel and things like that.

I was outside in a The Purge setting. I was hiding in a car, I knew I could be easily found or at least have that car destroyed. I was close to an hospital and that place had not tried to close the windows and doors and they were going on as usual. Of course it did not take long for psychopaths to enter and start to kill them. I was feeling bad because they were screaming in pain but I alone could not do anything. A man came by and saw me. He told me that I should not be there and I asked him for help and he agreed. So he was driving and I was not hiding anymore, the crazies thought I too was one of them. He drove me to a safe place.