Spent about eight hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember two dreams.

I won 100 million dollars, I learned that in a store full of people, I also was a young man when that happened. I then was what looked like either an island or a big property and it also looked like most of my dream house was built. I had adopted an Husky. I remember him/her as a puppy, talking to him/her then I remember some wood being chopped for fire wood or construction then the Hiusky was an adult and some parts of his/her fur was shaved and there were a scar there, the Husky looked allright though.

Angelina Jolie was coming home from the Oscars I think and someone made a sarcastic comment to her and before leaving she replied with sarcasm that yes it was so bad for her to come back home to her lesbian lover. Then she was home (had a small flashback of her laying naked on a bed...i think another woman was near there too) and she was really with a woman but I had the impression that it was either Brad Pitt or that he was there (or maybe it was my mind bringing him there because it was somehow not ok for them to be apart).