I remember one dream.

I and a friend were walking and searching for something in a forest that had the rumour to have a witch or something like that. She started to walk faster and I tried to make her slow down while trying to keep up with her but she went faster until I lost sight of her. I was scared but searched for her while screaming her name and just when I gave up this is when she reappeared. I was angry at her and going back to our car but she wanted to stop at one of the rare houses in that forest to eat and rest and I did not want to, I just wanted to get out of there. A woman told us that we could go in her house and do what we wanted in there but I refused (when she told us that i could see the inside without going in). I was the one driving when we finally got to our car eventhough I was tired and very hungry (had not eaten in at least more than 1 day - she when away from me had eaten) but despite all that I could drive very well without putting anyone else in danger. When we arrived in the nearest city I was happy thinking that soon I could eat then go to bed but suddenly the road was blocked by someone driving a truck full of donuts, he was stuck near the entrance where he had to get these donuts, I could see all these donuts but I stayed focused on the road, at one point I was about to get by by driving reversed a few times but that donut truck reversed too and blocked me when I was about to pass it. Bruce Willis (i think he was his die hard character) was one of the people blocked. I was about to lose my mind I was so hungry.