Wow Lori!

The beginning of your dream feels like my cruise dream.

Another emotion says you are there to show your worth, but allow others to tell you that you need something more. You leave knowing that it is really about their insecurities of being judged against you and at the same time they need to feel more superior and feel certain that they are best being judged by appearance.

In the end though, it feels like you have accepted that you are worthy, based on who you are and what you do in giving back to the highest good of humanity, the thing that feels really good about, to be on that runway. Your courage, encourages other and they too realize the value of what they do, not their surface assets.

To me, I think I am hearing that you have accepted your spiritual role. You are in it for the purpose, to give your highest worth to the highest good of humanity. You are shedding your insecurities and accepting that you will be leading and setting an example for others.

Bon Voyage Lori. I love it and look forward to seeing you on the journey.

BTW, thanks for your interpretation of my dreams.

Yvonnie DuBose