I only remember one dream from last night.

That dream was so weird that I think this is it completely without me missing some parts! I was looking at the schedule on my television to see on what time what I wanted to watch would be on and after I saw the time I remembered that there was a Tennis tournament and that Rafael Nadal was playing and I went to checked if he was still there and he was so I checked the time and his match would play before my thing. Then I ended up there, in one of the stadium. Then I was with him and we were with sick kids who were happy, we both decided to make them something to eat and he went to the bathroom before we started but we could hear him urinate and it was loud and very long, at first we were able to ignore it but it was very hard since it was so loud and it just would not stop. Then he was making a commercial for Pepsi, Shakira was too, they ended up at the same place (their Pepsi were different and do not exist in real life) and their bottle of Pepsi collided and became one with a sort of an explosion (i think it was glitter or pepsi or both or something like that).