I remember two dreams.

A lot of soldiers were outside and one person was being disrespectful to them. A man saw that and he became enraged. He went to that man and started yelling at him.

There was an entire city that was abandoned for many years. Nobody was there and it technically was to nobody. I decided to go visit then I picked an apartment on a second floor that was not too damaged and moved there. There was still electricity available too. I had made a friend with a Bear and her and her babies were sleeping in the apartment below, when she was away I was taking care of her babies. A group of people (cops if i remember correctly) suddenly entered the city and I hurried up trying to hide everything that would make them think someone was living there then hid. They saw what was left and immediately knew someone was there. Then (i cannot remember if im the 1 who showed myself to them or i was found) I explained to them that this apartment was livable and that city too, that nobody was the owner of anything there and that there was still electricity here somehow (and i also said that i was planning to install many solar panels so that when theres no more available electricity i still would have some).