A dream came back to me during my beauty routine.

A plumber was here to check on the pump in our well. It was his second time here in a short time, the first time he had just blown into the well, this time he was doing that too but also working. I was the one who was supposed to check on him. Mom was especially angry at him for not even have worked the first time. I told her what he had done then I went in the bathroom. When it came to put face cream on for some reason I had put too much on my forehead, it was all white with cream, at first I was trying to even it there then on all my face, after several minutes of doing that I stopped, dad was looking at me while I was doing it. While I was doing that I realised that I had many pimples on my forehead then I saw after that I had many pimples all over my body too, I saw on the neck first then everywhere I would look I had many. I started panicking asking what was that and why I had so many pimples (it looked like those you get with an allergy - thought about that in my dream).