Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember two dreams.

Me and three friends were on vacation somewhere and were out exploring. One of our friends went up a mountain that looked odd, almost like a dam, it had all sorts of holes in it. In one at the top left she saw that there was an entrance and screamed for us to come look. When we were all looking she went inside and said that there were once people there, we said that there were not then she pointed to an old thing to prove that she was right. We started walking and looking everywhere and I said not too long after that if it was some type of laboratory that we could get a disease or we could get killed by a mutant or something of that if there were still people we could get in trouble. Not too long after we saw a shadow through a glass window or door or wall, the only place we could hide was like a bench so of course when the person entered she went right straight to us. We were then explained that this was an important military facility and that this place had to remain a secret. A soldier then showed us out, we ended up where there were a huge jungle with mountains so we thought they would set us free there to maybe find our way out but the soldier said that we had to get out that way and he showed us two ropes, one was for our hands and the other our feet. We told ourselves well it's not too bad but the soldier laughed and then we saw that down it was water full of alligators. The soldier was first then two of my friends then me then another friend. When we were about in the middle he stopped and showed us what we had to do before finishing crossing, that would make them believe that we had the right to get out, we had to only grab the top rope then act like crazy while moving our legs around. He did it then my first friend did it then my next friend did it. When I did it we were all laughing and having fun. My last friend did it and fell down. When he ended up in the water he was a huge turtle. There were four planes that looked more like helicopters waiting in the water in case someone would fall and they immediately surrended him but they only covered the sides so the alligators got to him and when he tried to get on top (at least 1 person was screaming for him to do that) they started eating him. Part by part he was eaten alive. When they rescued him I was almost praying (i had my eyes closed with my hands together) and saying over and over I hope he is dead because there is no way he would have a normal life with all the damage that had been done to him and the pain also must of been more than awful. They said that he was dead and I was relieved.

My parents had been back from the grocery store and I saw they had brought back things to make hot dogs and I was happy about it since I wanted to eat some. They had either guessed right or new I wanted some and bought the things needed to make some.