I remember one dream.

I was in the backseat while my parents were in front. We were coming back home. My brother was there at least at one point since I remember going to a store with him but when we were coming back he was not there (maybe it was another dream with my brother - i do not remember a lot + i finally was able to sleep after 4 nights of barely sleeping a little). We went through Montreal which is ridiculous since we live about ten hours from there. We passed by a tree that had a Cat then another tree that had a few Cats and then another tree that had several animals including one that looked like it could be a baby Bear. I asked my dad to stop and he did. I went by the tree and one of the other animal looked like he/she could be a baby big Cat but after talking to a few neighbors I came to the realisation that the only wild animal was the baby Bear. I took him/her in my arms then called 911 and explained everything. When the cops were there the person responsible had explained himself and I was frustrated by the explanation when I heard it so I gave the Bear to a cop then tried to find that man, cops in that way knew I would attack him but they let me find him and then attack him. After yelling at him I shoved his head on something (a mattress i think) then I was suffocating him while yelling at him his response to what he was doing to animals. Cops were there and were letting me do this.