There rarely any I don't remember. My husband's just the opposite and sorry this is really long.

What's been interesting this past year, is I'd say half a dozen times we've either woken up (like where you hike yourself up on your elbows and looked at eachother - long story but true) or the next day if one of us brings it up, "I had a dream." We'll be able to finish the dream FOR the other person. It's almost the same dream, w/minor, really minor differences. It's really wierd!

So, the dream...

I was in a groccery store (of course) and there were only 2 checkers. The lines were so long, they had to put a checker like in a different area - say like the photo dept, or C.S. counter so people could move.

I remember jumping behind one of the counters trying to help check people out. I was hitting buttons, like o.k. this can't be that difficult. You just scan the items right?

A woman thought I was stealing, but when she realized no I used to be an accountant, she showed me how to operate the thing.

We get the drawer open and look at each other like - after all that, THERE'S NO CASH BOX! Just an empty metal drawer. I couldn't take "money-money."

While I was checking, I noticed on the counter these cookies. Like the ones you can get at a Casey's, glazed round, some decorated. Anyway, each one was $3.42 or $3.43.

(this is one of those dreams that play like a movie in my head...even now. Not a normal dream).

I remember, thinking "for ONE cookie?"

In the dream I was trying to keep my breathing under control, like don't panic, act normal.

I space out or something while I'm checking this bitter woman. She was a wealthy woman and of power. I could hear her thoughts and remember exactly what she looks like. Groomed grey hair, away from the face that curled up a bit at the ends and she wore a small set of pearls and navy blue dress.

Across the way I notice a stocker. The shelves were pretty scant. Instead of those stacks or palates people stock w/she had one case but she had a satchel cross-way over her shoulder. A customer, but from outside, came in and went to her. She looked both ways and pulled out a white handkerchief.

The customer held their hand out and unwrapped it. It was a root of Ginger.

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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