Spent less than eight hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember one dream.

My mom came to me and told me that since my friend's mom wanted to steal her husband away that she wanted to at least tried something, that something was to talk to my friend. She asked me to call her up and arrange something. I looked away and she immediately started to freak out and I told her to calm down that I was not ignoring her that I was trying to remember when she had a day off during the week. Then I told her where the buses were and which one to take, that it took only two hours and a few minutes but she told me that I had to come too. I started figuring out which times we had to take the buses if Brigitte would not let her stay the night and which times we had to take the buses if we stayed the night, she did not want to stay there, she wanted to go to Ottawa to just talk to Brigitte then come back before dad would be home from work.