I had tow dreams last night.

First I was with my mom and she was complaining that she did not have enough place to grow a garden so I told her to use the little boxes we can put near windows then we complained about fruits and vegetables not being like they used to so I remembered a website given me here that has real seeds (funnily enough i had forgotten that dream until i saw that link in my favorites later) so I made an order and we were getting things ready for these seeds.

My last dream I was babysitting German Shepperd puppies and their dad. I suddendly felt danger coming so I took them three at a time (there were many) and put them in a bedroom closing the door everytime I would get more of them so they won't get out. After they were all in there I locked the door and I was going to put the key in my pockets but thought it would be found too easily then I went to put them in my panties then ended up putting it in my bra. The door then rang and I went downstairs and a man was trying to get me to open the door and I would not, the male German Shepperd was there barking but for some reason when he came into the house (i cant recall how he was able to enter the house) he did not know that there was a big dog in the house and he took him by suprised (the dog was hiding in another room...i was a smarty pants with the criminal because of this) so I was able to force him on a chair with a knife on him and the dog ran out because there was two other people there with that man and I heard one of them that he was going to stab the dog so I ran out and I saw one of the two man stab him. I got him to a veterinarian and they were working on him to save him and it looked like they were not sure they could save him.