I remember three dreams.

I met Metallica. I did not liked them now (the same in reality) but probably since they were a big thing when I was a teenager I was happy to meet them. They ended up being nice and they invited me to come with them. Each of them were doing solo shows in small towns. I went and it was fun.

I went to a shelter to adopt a Dog. There were a lot, they were all in a few rooms. I was told to not freak out because they were cute and to not just take the cutest. I was freaking out from the cutenest but then felt sad since I could only adopt one. The person working there was mad at me but I was looking for the one who was more attracted to me. There were a few but one in particular seemed to be.

It was a commercial for medicine for babies. At the end there was a woman sleeping with her baby that looked like a doll. She changed position and also the baby's and then realised she had put his/her head in the pillow and she immediately took her baby off the pillow and he/she looked fine.