Ok....this dream is a little weird in some places, and I can't remember it all, but here it is....

I was first in an airport. I was picked up but not sure by whom. That seemed normal enough. Then the scene changed. There was a guy about my age who had a pickup truck. It seemed that he wanted to come into my car to see me. I think he wanted to communicate with me and get to know me better, probably to date me. There was nothing scary about him and I felt that he was ok but I didn't want him in my car so I locked my car doors. I avoided him.

Then I was on a bike getting away from the area. I came to a very hilly neighborhood that was kind of like a desert. I saw small groups of homes here and there on what seemed like huge hills of soft, bright colored sandy dirt. I had to be careful biking down the hills because it was steep. I veered off to the right after going down a ways and went down the road to a nice looking house. I went inside and it was small and cramped inside. I thought I was alone but the owner came into the room, which may have been a tiny kitchen.

The woman seemed a little surprised that I was in her home. The next thing I know her dog comes in and it was a little aggressive, but not towards me. It turned out my female dog was with me, but I hadn't noticed her before. To avoid an incident I pushed my dog behind me and tried to "shoo" away her dog. It did not work. Her dog sniffed mine and I could tell that my dog was afraid. The woman's dog also growled a little bit.

I started to head for the hallway to take me out of the house with my dog, but my dog then squatted to do her business right there on the kitchen floor close to the hallway because she indeed had been afraid. And it was poo. My dog was on my left and to my right was an open door to a bathroom. Another guy was in there, small in stature and seemingly ok. Maybe it was the woman's son, not sure but they seemed to know each other. He was probably in his 30's. I asked him for some t.p. so I could clean my dog's mess off the floor and he gave me some. He also ran some water in the tub so my dog could walk into the water and clean her feet. She had stepped in the mess. But as I had the mess almost cleaned up off the floor and the dog was in the tub, I noticed this guy was naked standing there near the tub. When I looked at him as if to ask "why are you naked?" he just shrugged. I was surprised but he was acting normal and just wanted my dog to be cleaned up like I did.


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