I remember two dreams.

I was on the phone with a psychopath and I had to do what he told me to do by a timeline and if not then something bad would happen. While I was on that phone someone saw me and realised something was wrong. When I hung up I went to a place near and looked at the time because I had to start at an exact time, I was also trying to pump myself. The man who saw me came to me and told me he would help me, I tried to stop him but he would not back up. Since he did not know what I had to do he did not do what was supposed to be done. I still followed him trying to tell him and he ended up at one place where he wanted to copy a peanut butter recipe. For some reason I helped him but I knew it was not correct but he thought it was okay. It ended up like a chocolate spread and it was quite runny too. Then someone else came to taste it, it looked disgusting and he said it taste disgusting and far from what it was supposed to taste like but it was not too bad. He showed us the correct peanut butter and the color was the same, black. He tasted the correct one then added ours on top. I think I and/or the man tasted it all too.

Graham Elliot opened a restaurant of burgers but when it did opened in addition of cooking the ordered food he took the orders too plus cooked just one at a time. Since there were many customers it was taking a long time but he kept doing it like that eventhough the orders kept piling on. A woman could not decided what to order and he was patient with her but a few minutes later he just exploded on her, he screamed at her to finally decided then when she did not to get out. At the end of the day he thought he was ruined. At the end of the second day he had lost thousands of dollars already. So he decided to just cook at many at a time but he was sure his restaurant was doomed and that nobody would come to it.